H2O 6 Inch Splish Splash Douche and Dong


Looking to get clean; and have fun doing it? For the ultimate anal douche; check out the H20 Splish Splash 6 Inch Squirting Dong ##amp; Douche that can easily attach to any shower for a high quality; bang ready clean experience. The H20 Splish Splash 6-Inch Squirting Dong ##amp; Douche includes a removable; PVC realistic cock shaped nozzle that connects to almost any shower. This douche is almost as effective as it is fun! Cleaning now provides all the stimulation of a hot hookup while leaving you fresh like never before. This reusable douche is long-lasting and pliable. With the H20 Splish Splash 6 Inch Squirting Dong ##amp; Douche; you’ll have a sexy and sensual cleaning experience just waiting for you to enjoy every time you step into the shower. The realistic dildo is made from phthalate-free PVC; the cap is ABS and the hose of chromed steel. So; rest easy that you have a high-quality douche that is made to last. For maximum pleasure; use with your favourite water-based lubricant. Also; remember to thoroughly clean the Shower Shot™ with warm; soapy water before and after each use.


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