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Lelo Beads Plus


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Benefit from toned pelvic floor muscles; enhanced control and stronger orgasms with the Lelo Beads Plus. Comprising of two 28g pink; two 37g blue and two 60g purple beads; you can select the best combination appropriate for your training.

To use insert each bead on the silicone harness; making sure the retraction cord goes through the silicone opening. Keep the cord outside the body and apply waterproof lubricant to the beads and insert into the vagina with a firm but gently push. The beads should be positioned about 2 cm/1 inch inside the vagina. They should now be comfortable enough to follow a simple exercise routine to work out your pelvic floor muscle.

To remove; relax your muscles and slowly but gently pull the beads out.

Made from ultra soft silicone; the beads are waterproof and easy to clean.

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