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Strengthen your pelvic floor muscles with the Luna Pleasure Beads. This time; the popular classic comes back smaller! The small weighted balls are designed to be worn inside your vagina. They roll around to perform kegel exercises on your muscles for a tighter; more controlled vagina. The orgasm assisting mini beads are 29mm in diameter; but have the same muscle tightening weight; making them perfect for pre-childbirth beginners. Each set includes two 28g ##amp; two 37g beads; which can be combined in the silicone harness for a tailored routine. After a short time; you will notice more strength; tightness; and intenser orgasms; thanks to the special design. To remove; gently pull the harness retrieval string. Comes with a discreet drawstring storage bag. **Products are only under warranty if you keep the card and/or number for your LELO product**

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