LELO Smart Wands Medium-Plum

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Lelo has done it again with the release of the the Smart Wand; a high-class; premium cordless body massager that blows all of its predecessors out of the water. Paving the way with cutting edge SenseTouch technology; the Smart Wand builds the strength of the vibration as pressure is added; ensuring a deep relief and relaxation like never before. Whether you’re alone; with a partner; in the bath or out and about; this travel-ready Wand is perfect for any occasion as this high-powered massager is near-silent. Target areas such as the arms; legs; shoulders; neck and back for a full submission into relaxation. The touch sensor delivers 8 sensational massage patterns and 8 intensity levels; all covered by the comprehensive 1-year warranty and 10-year quality guarantee. You won’t find a massager on the market that will beat the quality; design and technology of Lelo’s Smart Wand. Benefits: High-powered without disruption; SenseTouch technology; fully rechargeable and cordless; completely waterproof; premium quality body-safe silicone. *PLEASE NOTE THAT THE CHARGER FOR THE SMART WAND IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH OTHER LELO PRODUCTS AS IT DELIVERS A 9V RATHER THAN A 5V CHARGE. DOING SO MAY GENERATE A SMALL AMOUNT OF HEAT THAT COULD POTENTIALLY DAMAGE ANY OTHER LELO PRODUCTS. OTHER CHARGERS ARE ALSO NOT COMPATIBLE WITH THE SMART WAND. **Products are only under warranty if you keep the card and/or number for your LELO product**


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