Loving Joy Vibrating Love Ring


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This could be the single best toy we’ve ever seen for the money! This unobtrusive little ring packs a powerful punch – the silent one-use motor is surprisingly strong; and can transmit vibrations all the way down your shaft. Simply place the soft; stretchy silicone cockring on the base of your penis with the motor facing up; and feel your erection get stronger as it restricts blood flow away from the shaft. With one touch on the button; the vibrating motor will start to buzz; giving you the most amazing sensations! Even more excitingly; when properly positioned; the vibrating bullet will nuzzle against your partner’s clitoris; driving her wild! Most women cannot easily orgasm from penetrative sex alone; but with this wonderful little device that is no longer a problem; as with every stroke you’re delivering targeted vibrations just where she wants them most! At this price; the Vibrating Love Ring from Loving Joy is perfect for a cheeky gift – or buy several and keep them in your wallet for emergencies! With over thirty minutes of power in each ring; you’ll have plenty of time to come and come again!


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