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The ‘My Account’ area in your adult toy shop will be your go-to area for your order history. Here you will find a history of your previously ordered adult toys from our UK based sex shop. We are the number one growing adult toy shop in the UK. So, we aim to make your experience of ordering adult toys in the UK as seamless as possible. Whether you need guidance in choosing a product or advice on packaging and delivery. Our UK based adult toy shop will ensure that you get what you are looking for.

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Sex Shop UK

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Adult Toys Online

As the UK becomes more familiar with the online world of adult toys, more people to take to the internet to order their adult sex toys. The internet has opened up endless opportunities when it comes to the purchasing of adult toys. Things which were previously considered impossible are not considered perfectly normal in the world of adult sex toys. The online aspect means our shoppers can access a wider range of adult toys than on a high street shop. The limit of stock we’re able to bring to you has grown tenfold and is continuing to expand constantly. Having an online account without us enables you to learn more about the toys you’re interested in.


Sex Toys UK

With the adult toys UK market continuing to grow at a rapid pace, it is useful to be able to read more about various adult sex toys. Our online adult toy shop brings you not only a concise description of all our adult toys, but we also enable you to read user reviews and testaments. These are from our customers who have previously ordered the adult toys you are interested in. My Account’ area will serve not only as a reminder of adult toys you have searched for in the past, but will also allow you to access your address book, and change your UK addresses where necessary.

We make sure your ‘my account’ area is kept simple. We know how frustrating it is when a website becomes difficult to navigate. Your time is important to us, and we do not want you to waste it doing something that we can make easier for you. We have therefore ensured that usability of our ‘my account’ area is the perfect place to review your adult toys and place of change your orders.

Adult Shop Online

Adult toys in the UK are a growing market, and as industry leaders, we aim to offer you the highest level of service with the largest selection on the market. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a vibrator, a dildo, a butt plug, or perhaps something to try with your husband, wife or partner,  our collection of adult toys will not disappoint.

Above all, you should let us be your first experience of online sex shopping. As a result, you will definitely be happy you chose us. To sum up, you and your sex life are worth more than mediocre sex. So, it’s time to experience everything the world of adult shopping has to offer. Lastly, try our number one UK sex shop today. Concequently, you will definitely be happy you chose us!

Should you require any help with navigating your account, or with accessing the ‘my account’ area, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team, who will be happy to help you with your order.

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